The APM Service Consultant At APM we don’t  just demand superior customer service and unyielding professionalism, we expect it. The service consultant is vital to our organization, and that is precisely why they are exceptional people. They serve as an essential part of APM and act as the life-blood of the organization. They have the most exposure to the customer, and therefore are people-oriented and extremely friendly. They smile, and listen empathetically. They go above and beyond to exceed the customer’s expectations. They understand that their job protects families and their largest investment-their home. They possess a solid work ethic and put in the extra hours that are needed during peak season. They value the principles of integrity, honesty, responsibility, and excellence. They manage themselves, and handle large amounts of responsibility. They are team players that are cooperative, supportive, and respectful with fellow APM members. They rise above the competition because they always do the right thing when no one is looking. They realize that the success of APM is tied into their own success, and when the company profits so do they. APM consultants are committed to making a difference in the community. They understand that in order to change the way people see pest control they must be extraordinarily different from what people are used to seeing. They act, dress, and talk differently, as well as know more about their field than anyone would expect. This new direction in pest control leads to higher salaries for everyone, but more importantly a change in perception of the industry. Consultants see themselves as an important part of society, and this causes our customers to view us differently as well. The ultimate goal of all APM members is to redefine the pest control industry by taking it in a new direction. In order to uphold our integrity APM consultants fulfill all of the following job responsibilities.   Customer Service
  • You complete all jobs assigned to you each day. If you feel that you cannot complete your scheduled stops, then you must let your manager know the day before, no the morning of the scheduled services. Finish every job. If you fail to complete a job, you are responsible for completing it within seven days. There is no excuse for an unserviced account due to the fault of the consultant.
  • No complaints or lost accounts because of poor service. Achieve the results the customer expects from you, which means doing it right the first time.
  • You are courteous and friendly at all times. You are understanding, respectful, helpful, and genuinely interested.
  • Leave the working premises in the same condition as when you first arrived, or in even better condition. The same applies to the office you work at or any other place you may visit.
  • You score a four or better on all five-point customer surveys.
  • You are on time for all stops. If you are running behind you must notify the customer, through the office, before your expected arrival time.
  • All questions that can be answered over the phone are responded to as soon as possible, but no longer than 24 hours.
  • You meet the expectations of the customer by providing an up-to-date and effective service.
  • You are on time for all APM functions.
  Professional Image
  • You always have the necessary tools, chemicals, application equipment, and safety gear for every job assigned. This is your responsibility, as well as notifying your manager in writing if you need any of the items in the preceding four areas.
  • 2. No vehicle, chemical, or equipment is lost and/or stolen. Your supervisor will check to see if you are locking your vehicle, and keep track of all inventories you signed for. You are responsible for assigned equipment. You are charged for anything missing or damaged; deductions are made accordingly.
  • You pass weekly and random vehicle inspections. Your supervisor may call for an on the spot inspection at anytime.
  • Your vehicle is well organized and free of trash. Equipment is put away safely, neatly, and conveniently for you to use. All equipment is stored according to APM standards-see handbook.
  • Your vehicle exemplifies cleanliness. It always looks clean and shiny. The vehicle never leaves the office until it meets all vehicle standards. Failure to comply results in loss of take-home privilege.
  • Your equipment always looks clean, and is always operable. If you cannot fix an inoperable piece of equipment you must notify your supervisor immediately.
  • Consultants look immaculate. You are well groomed and clean upon arrival to work. You comply with the dress standards in your employee handbook.
  • All deviations from normal operations or suspected problems with vehicles are brought to the attention of the service supervisor in writing prior to any major breakdown (including tires). Notify your supervisor immediately.
  • All sales/service documentation is completed in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as APM standard operating procedures. If there is not a graph then you are expected to draw on each and every time you find it missing.
  • All paperwork is neat, clean, legible, and accurate.
  • All requests are to be put in writing and given to your supervisor during your morning check-in. Submissions are on time and follow APM guidelines-see employee handbook for commissions, vacation, etc.
  • Your paperwork is handed in at the end of each day or the very next morning during your check-in.
  • All accounts marked C.O.D. are collected at the time of the service, unless authorized by management.
  • The appropriate safety equipment is always on hand, maintained, and used in accordance with good practice of NPCA, common sense, and product label.
  • No pesticide spills take place.
  • Pesticides are always used in accordance with the product label.
  • All pesticides, pesticide containers, and equipment are labeled as appropriate.
  • You are always in compliance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as APM standards in regards to your job, including but not limited to vehicle, drug, and/or substance use, etc.
  • You participate in all required driving safety courses, receive no complaint fro the vehicle risk management system, and do not exceed five points on you license.
  • You never get in an accident due to your own fault.
  Training and Self Improvement
  • 1. You are certified within three months of eligibility.
  • 2. Set career goals with your supervisor on a monthly basis.
  • 3. Score 90% or better on all company administered tests.
  • 4. Have a complete understanding of all APM programs.
  • 5. You stay fit enough to inspect and treat attics and crawl spaces when necessary.
  • 6. Show that you are continuously learning about your field. You will be expected to report on a current issue or insect in the pest control industry.
  • 7. You attend at least two training seminars a year.
  • 8. Complete all APM programs within their specified time period.
  These are the responsibilities that are expected of you. Only people capable enough to meet the preceding criteria will be part of the Advanced Pest Management Team. We do business the right way, and will do everything possible to make sure your personal and professional goals are fulfilled. Remember this company is what you make it.  

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