Chances are you or someone you know has had a run in with bed bugs. No one and no where is safe, unless you plan to move to bedbugcontrolAntarctica! Bed bugs are a silent invader and masters at hiding so they often go un-noticed until they officially reach infestation status! The Advanced Pest Management professionals are experts at not only controlling and removing bed bugs but detecting them as well. The list of places that bed bugs are found is incredible; most people are under the impression that they are only located in beds. In reality bed bugs are often found in:

  • * Retail Stores
  • * Office Buildings
  • * Movie Theatres
  • * Hospitals
  • * Hotels / Commercial Lodging
  • * Apartments / Rental Properties
  • * Grocery Stores
  • * Restaurants
  • * Libraries
  • * Residential Homes

Advanced Pest Management has experienced technicians that do thorough inspections and are able to provide you with a custom plan of action that best fits your needs. Many hotels have enacted aggressive policies on monitoring and inspecting with plans in place to protect their guests. Having a pest management service as part of this plan is essential in identifying a problem, containing it and effectively completing treatment. Bed bugs are one of the pests that are difficult to evict. APM can be a valuable tool in your arsenal!

Winning the Bedbug Battle

Education and identification is an important part of the successful treatment of bed bugs. APM’s qualified technicians are able to do a complete detailed inspection, then sit down with the client to discuss the findings and what treatment options are available. Should there be no bed bugs found, Advanced Pest Management’s expert technicians will educate the customer about bed bugs and the importance of early detection! Bed bugs can sneak in at anytime on luggage, sleeping bags brought in by a sleep over guest, or even picked up from another home or business by hitching a ride on clothing, purses, bags or any number of items that they have time to climb on! APM has expert technicians and aggressive treatments to keep homes and businesses safe from bed bugs all year long!