crawl space and moisture controlOur technicians are skilled at inspecting your crawl space for any current and potential problems and we can offer a custom plan of action to keep your home safe and dry! With high humidity and moisture in the crawl spaces of homes here in the Northeast, there are many problems that can result such as

  • * Respiratory problems
  • * Decomposition odors
  • * Mold and mildew
  • * Increased humidity
  • * Structural damage
  • * Wood rot
  • * Termite and wood-boring insect infestations
  • * Poor energy performance

The professionals at Advanced Pest Management are experts at encapsulating your crawl space and providing a vapor barrier that will seal out moisture; resulting in improved energy efficiency and air quality and decreasing the chances of damaging pest infestations.

Pest Infestations

It is important to understand that a moist, dark area is prime real estate for termites and many other pest infestations, providing them with water and cover to live and thrive! Advanced Pest Management is well suited to help with pest inspections, control and removal as well.

Skilled Technicians

APM’s technicians understand the importance of properly installed encapsulation; knowing to not install over damaged or poor materials as this can actually make the problem worse! We always do a thorough inspection of the crawl space for any signs of past or present issues. Our technicians are knowledgeable and skilled at assessing and then discussing with the home owner inspection findings, with a recommendation of the best approach to tackle the problem.

Call APM to turn your dark, dingy and unhealthy crawl space into a bright, healthy, useable space today.