Eco-Friendly, Earth Friendly, Natural, Green Pest Control

What does all that mean? The largest portion of Eco-Friendly Pest Management may include the use of pesticides that are specific to the problem at hand. The true green components also include inspection, identification, biological control, trapping and relocation, habitat disruption, sanitation methods and education on pest proofing your home or business!

Pest Proofing includes:

          * Sealing cracks and crevices

          * Weather-stripping around doors/windows

          * Screens on outside vents

          * Chimney sealed appropriately

          * Repairing water leaks

          * Keeping wood piles away from home

          * Minimize areas of clutter around home that offer pests shelter/food

          * Outside trash bins / sealed and away from home

          * Keeping trees and bushes trimmed

          * Rain gutters cleared

Professional pest management has come a long way from the days where the bug man would come monthly and leave his mark (literally the smell of chemicals), after which you might spend the next week picking up dead or dying pests from around your property! Those days are long gone, with all the interest on keeping our environment as safe as possible, there continues to be new advances in safer and effective chemicals that are approved for use. In reality there are many household products that are used daily that can be damaging to the environment if not used or disposed of properly. These include bleach, dish soap, car oil, gasoline products and many cleaning products! The use of an integrated approach to professional pest management offers much more that that monthly bug guy with his tank and sprayer! It is not a one treatment, kills all approach; identification of the pest at hand and the surrounding concerns are the key to a safe and successful management and keeping the pest out of your home or business. Many professional pest management companies offer a wide range of services that will assist home and business owners in keeping a pest free environment.  Many of the services offer a healthier air quality and reduce the areas that attract pests to take up residence. 

          *  Dehumidifiers

          *  Rain Gutter Protection / Insulation / Cleaning

          *  Crawl Space Encapsulation

          *  Energy Conservation

          *  Screen Installations / Repairs

          *  Rodent Removal, Relocation and Clean up

It is essential to be an active part of the management team. Calling when you suspect a problem for a consultation and inspection is easier that dealing with an infestation! Keeping the inside 100% pest free is not realistic but infestations can be eliminated with an educated team that includes the home and business owner. The best way to keep a healthy environment for your human and pet residents and guests is to call APM for your free inspection today!