How to Eliminate Rodents this Winter Season

Have you ever woken up for a midnight snack and flipped the kitchen light on only to see a furry little critter run out of view? Well, you may have a rodent infestation problem because rodents are very social creatures and if you see just one, there are bound to be more nearby. Rodents are pests that make their way into homes and business mostly during the cold months of winter. Just like you and me they want to find a warm and dry place to live. A home or business is ideal because of the endless food supply and places to hide. They also tend to like it when it is quiet and dark, so when you go to sleep at night they start their scouting for food and water.

It is important to deal with rodents as soon as you suspect you may have them, because they can reproduce at a fast rate, and most rodents tend to have a large litter of young. They can also cause a lot of physical damage to electrical wiring, insulation and even affect your air quality and health. Here are a couple of ways to rid your home or office of this most unwanted pests.

You can go with a method that has been around for a very long time and has been part of many children’s cartoon programs; the trap. This is a device that you have probably seen that has a wooden base with a spring loaded metal strap. You place something to lure the rodent to the trap and when the lure is removed; SNAP, the trap engages. This will then kill the rodent. You can place these kind of traps with no fear of chemicals that a small child or animal might get into, but you now have to deal with finding these dead critters in the morning. If you are not sure where to place the traps, do not have a strong stomach and/or do not look forward to disposing of dead animals, a call to a professional rat exterminator like APM is a great idea!

The second option is a more widely used method; poison. You can find poison for rodents at most stores that sell bug spray and cleaners. This method would require you to be much more careful. The poison can be harmful to people and household pets. You want to always place the poison in areas that small children and animals will not have access to. The rodents will be interested in what they believe to be a food product. They will then eat it and possibly take it back to the litter. Unfortunately, if you do not know what you are doing, this can lead to dead rats in hard to get places like inside your walls. A professional rodent exterminator like APM knows the safest places to place the poison. We offer rodent control, trapping, removal, exclusion and clean up to keep the occupants and visitors to your building safe.

These are two of the approaches that any home or business owner can use to eliminate rodents. As stated above, if these methods are not for you, you can always call a professional to come and exterminate them for you. A professional like APM can do a thorough inspection and then not only remove existing rodents but we can rodent proof your premises to close off the access points that rodents are using to gain entry.