energy-savingsWeatherization is a way to plug up all of those energy-wasting leaks, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and saving you money on your electric bills. Now is a great time to call Advanced Pest Management to assist in plugging up those leaks to get your home ready for the winter.

Weatherization Services 

There are numerous weatherization services that APM offers to assist the home and business owner in maximizing the efficiency of their living and work space, such as:

  • * Updating the insulation levels in attics
  • * Adding insulation to crawl spaces
  • * Encapsulating your crawl space
  • * Adding crawl space doors
  • * Installing dehumidifiers 

Energy Efficiency Inspections

Advanced Pest Management offers an energy checkup for your home or business where one of our local technicians comes out to your premises and inspects both where you might be losing energy and where you might be using more energy than needed. If you are purchasing a new home or commercial building, APM offers a thorough inspection of the property to make the potential buyer aware of any possible energy conservation concerns. Advanced Pest Management is here to assist you with an inspection and to offer you options to make your home and business more efficient!

Pest Control Related Energy Issues

Having Advanced Pest Management inspect your property for energy efficiency is an added benefit to our customers as there are many pests that cause damage to a structure that actually increase the homeowner’s energy usage. An example is that rats, mice and other invading rodents and wildlife can destroy the insulation and wiring in a structure in no time at all. APM not only offers help with energy conservation but pest control as well! It is important to tackle problems and call APM in a timely manner before pest problems are a mountain instead of a mole hill!

Experienced Technicians

We have qualified technicians with the knowledge and experience in weatherization services, and we are always on the lookout for the newest and best options for our customers. With our homes and businesses being a major life investment, it is important to keep up on maintenance, repairs and upgrades to keep these costs down. Call Advanced Pest Management today for recommendations on what you can do to increase your energy efficiency and save money on your ongoing power bills!