Hiding in Plain Sight

Have you ever stood in the middle of a room and wondered if people didn’t notice you there? Of course not! If you want to hide from someone or something you have to make some major adjustments to conceal your presence. You need to go under or behind something to make sure that you are not spotted. Being able to hide for some is a way to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. If you knew a predator was coming near you would never stand out in the open. If you had any hope of survival you would hide in the best spot possible.  Did you know that some birds and insects have become adept enough to basically be able to hide in plain sight?


Praying Mantis Orchid

Just as the name suggests this praying mantis looks so much like an orchid that it fools other insects into coming in for a delicious treat.  They look nothing like the green and brown mantis that we see hanging in the garden or in a tree, they are actually a shade of white or pink. They also have large bulbs that protrude out of their larger walking legs that mimic the large petals of the orchid. This makes them one of the best predators for hiding in plain sight. They can lure their victims into thinking they are coming in for some nectar like they had been doing all day. Once the unsuspecting bee or beetle comes into the flower the praying mantis orchid will attack.


Baby Birds

A baby bird can’t possibly know what to do to keep predators at bay, or can they? A baby bird known as a cinereous mourner is born with small bright orange feathers with black polka dots. How does this help? Because it makes the baby bird look just like a hairy caterpillar. Birds eat caterpillars so looking like a caterpillar seems like it would attract the unwanted attention of other birds that may want to feed. The smart thing about this type of caterpillar that the baby bird looks so much like is how toxic it is. In the rain forest the birds know better than to eat one of these caterpillars. The little bird mimics the caterpillar so well that it won’t cry out for food to alert its mother, it will bob its head up and down to make sure that the mother knows it is ready to eat. This is another behavior that helps the surrounding birds think it is actually a caterpillar.


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