The term ‘Pest Inspection’ typically conjures up images of insects and bugs! While termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, housecarpenter bees, rodents and wildlife all create damage to homes, water against wood leads to dry rot and fungus damage, which are all huge concerns when it comes to buying a home. This is especially the case in areas of the United States with high insect activity and humidity like Maryland and its surrounding States. Pest control inspections assess the overall integrity and condition of the wood components of a structure.

Advanced Pest Management regularly conducts professional pest inspections to determine whether buildings have been weakened or damaged by insects, bugs and wildlife and to determine if any dry rot and other damage is present.

Real Estate Pest Inspection

Advanced Pest Management understands the importance of expert and timely inspections of homes for any signs of wood boring insects that can cause structural and costly damage to the home if left untreated. We inspect the attic and crawl space, as well as any areas or hot spots that may invite un-wanted pests or rodents.

Our dedicated technicians will search for:

  • * Signs of dead insects and insect parts.
  • * Exit and entrance holes.
  • * Staining, infestations and any visible damage to wood and other structural materials.
  • * Signs of prior treatments of possible concerns and any re-occurring problems.
  • * Termites and other wood destroying organisms.

Real Estate Inspection Report

After a complete professional inspection of the property, an accurate written report will be prepared and delivered within 24 hours. Advanced Pest Management understands the need for accuracy and professionalism in any business transaction, with our focus on building trustworthy relationships by consistently providing our clients with professional and complete, detailed reports of the inspection.