Mosquito Misery
The brutal months of winter are almost behind us and many are eager to welcome the warmer temperatures and sunshine that spring will bring. One aspect of spring that is never welcomed is the annoying arrival of the mosquito. Mosquitoes start to come outside when the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So with the desirable warm weather comes the undesirable mosquito. Maryland and other northeast states are prime real estate for a mosquito to settle down in. Mosquitoes thrive in humid air climates, and once they have found the ideal spot, they do not waste anytime multiplying and by doing so become an even larger problem than just one pesky mosquito.     

Mosquito Bites

One of the most aggravating insect bites to deal with is the mosquito bite. Mosquito bites are extremely itchy and hard to leave alone once you’ve started itching. If not left to heal, a mosquito bite can scab and end up leaving an ugly scar. When a female mosquito clinches down into your skin with her mouth parts, she injects a small amount of saliva into the wound before drawing out the blood. The welt that appears after the mosquito leaves is not a reaction to the wound but an allergic reaction to the saliva. Most people who are bitten by a mosquito experience an itching sensation and swelling. These symptoms usually only last for an hour or so, however, some people are highly sensitive and symptoms will last for several days. Mosquito bites can cause serious health risks if the mosquito is carrying a dangerous virus. Mosquitoes are highly developed blood sucking insects and the most dangerous transmitters of disease in the animal kingdom. Malaria, yellow fever and West Nile virus have all been transmitted to people from the bite of a mosquito.     

Mosquitoes are Attracted to Water

Mosquitoes will gather and hover on and around any source of water. From leaky hose bits, water bowls for family pets, plant misters, swimming pools, bird baths and sprinklers – mosquitoes love to be in humid climates and thrive on water sources. It is important to have a minimum amount of places for mosquitoes to swarm around. Mosquitoes can become an aggravation to you and your family if you are attempting a back yard barbeque or the kids are enjoying the sun and playing outdoors. Advanced Pest Management is skilled in removing mosquitoes from your living, working and playing areas. Contact APM Services to keep your family safe from mosquito bites and the potential deadly diseases they carry.