Pests by the Month

Do you ever wonder what pests you should be looking out for during the year? In most areas the insects, bugs and rodents go in and out depending on the weather and what the climate brings. Advanced Pest Management has prepared this rundown of each month and what pests you can expect to see more often during that time. This can help you decide what action you may need to take in order to keep pests out of your premises.

January  – Mice and Rats

The best way to keep mice and rats at bay is to make sure that you keep your indoors cleaned and sealed. You want to make sure that you clean up your kitchen and all the debris and food that is on your counters and floors. You may also want to seal up any left over food and put them in a safe place. You can also make sure that you seal any outdoor cracks and areas that a small rodent may be able to squeeze into.

February – Cockroaches

Cockroaches are more active during this month because this is usually when their babies hatch and come out. This also means that the cockroaches can become more aggressive to make sure that they get the food that they want. Cockroach populations can be reduced by keeping food and water out of reach.

March and April – Termites, Sugar Ants, Cockroaches

Ants and Cockroaches are active because this is when the weather usually starts to warm up. They are easily attracted to small amounts of food and water. In regards to termites, it is hard to determine if you have a problem. Once you do you have to act quickly to get rid of them before they cause too much damage.

May – Bees, Ticks and Fleas

Bees are beginning to come out for the new flowers that are all starting to bloom. They become active and can become a nuisance to people that are also out enjoying the weather. Fleas and Ticks are also active when the weather is warmer and they become more prevalent when people are out with their pets in the outdoors.

June and July – Wasps, Beetles, Crickets and Fleas

The hot weather is what is needed for wasps, fleas and beetles to come out and enjoy the outdoors. This is the month that you usually start to hear the song of the crickets.

August – Mosquitos and Spiders

Spiders like the fall months and this is when the little spiderlings are born and begin to make their way out in the world. Mosquitos are also very likely to be around because of the more humid temperatures that abound this month.

September – Spiders and House Centipedes

Spiders are now more likely to be making their way into your home and finding a comfortable space to live.

October and November – Millipedes, Spiders and Flies

Flies are likely to start showing up more abundantly this month and becoming a terrible nuisance. The spiders and millipedes will continue to wreak havoc on your home during these cold wintering months.

December – Bed Bugs

These nasty hard to kill bugs are usually around more often this month because of the holiday travels. This is when more people are traveling and staying in hotels, motels and other people’s homes. This is the most likely way to spread these bugs. By taking them with you on your luggage or clothing when you leave.

It is important to note that each pest listed above is by no means only a pest during that particular month. Contact APM for any pest problems you may be experiencing during any time of the year. We offer pest control services to target just about every pest!