It is that time of the year, with all the trees shedding their leaves in preparation for their winter slumber and homeowners labor to clean Rain Gutter Protectionall the leaves and debris out of clogged rain gutters! Every year while balancing atop the ladder and entrusting your life to your spouse or a child you ask yourself, “What am I doing, there has got to be a better way!” Advanced Pest Management is here to tell you, there IS a better way!

Advanced Pest Management has researched all of the available systems and is confident that the Leaf Relief System is the best available. Rain gutters fill with leaves, snow, ice and other debris that will keep them from working efficiently. Allowing rain gutters to stay filled with debris can result in possible water damage to your home. With the Leaf Relief System, Advanced Pest Management offers:

         * 10 year guarantee with free replacement should the system fail

         * No damage done to existing roof

         * Roof warranty is not affected with installation of system

         * Expert installation by APM’s trained technicians

In addition to preventing costly damage from ice dams and overflowing gutters, the Leaf Relief System stays securely in place, is virtually invisible from street level and is also pest resistant. The sturdy aluminum construction resists damage from bugs, squirrels, raccoons and birds.

Should you be ready to terminate your role as rain gutter cleaner, call Advanced Pest Management to have an experienced technician come out to your home, assess your needs and provide you a free estimate for installing the Leaf Relief System. There are a variety of homes in our communities, some of which were built long ago, but there is no job that Advanced Pest Management cannot handle! Our technicians have experience with all types of roofs and will install your Leaf relief System properly the first time!