Keeping homes safe from un-wanted guests can be a full time job! With the large diversity of rodents that call our neighborhoods home,APM-Truckit is a never ending job to keep them out of homes and businesses. Somehow it is less traumatizing to find that a family of squirrels is living in the attic vs. a rat family. But the reality is that both types of rodents cause similar damage and both can introduce health concerns and diseases into a home. Advanced Pest Management’s technicians are highly qualified in offering safe humane removal of wildlife pests and the safe clean up of their left overs!

Some of the rodents that may be encountered in the Northeast and surrounding areas are:

         * Raccoons

         * Rats and Mice

         * Squirrels

         * Opossums

         * Bats

         * Nuisance birds

         * Snakes

         * Skunks

         * Gophers

Dangers Associated with Wildlife

With any wildlife visitor comes the possibility of zoonotic diseases (passed between humans and animals) associated with urine, feces, bites and parasites. Advanced Pest Management is experienced with removals, clean up and preventative services. Technicians are equipped with personal protection and have expertise in identifying the intruder and undertaking humane removal. Don’t be the home owner that falls thru the ceiling trying to catch that squirrel!

Damage by Wildlife can include:

         * Chewed wiring, increasing possibility of fire

         * Destruction of insulation causing decreased energy efficiency

         * Disease ridden urine, feces and parasites

Wildlife Prevention

Advanced Pest Management offers regular preventative services and maintenance, with fact-based professional decisions for our clients. When it comes to wildlife, prevention is always the best plan of action. APM offers free inspections to assess any problems and will suggest solutions for any concerns found. Call us today for a free wildlife removal inspection!